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Stick Fight puts you before the craziest multiplayer games you've ever seen

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a crazy game in which the multiplayer It is the most important thing as it is those different scenarios in which you will have to face another 3 players.

If we say crazy it is because it is so, very crazy even. We will have to deal with the vicissitudes of each of the maps that will be happening one behind the other to get out of the air and not only think about breaking the face to the contrary, but escape from snake attacks or those snare traps that will fall on our heads.

A fast-paced multiplayer for fast minds

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is mainly a game that has a lot of object physics. Since the movements of our stickman, and that they already have theirs with those jumps, swings and various movements, up to those elements of each of the maps that will have their effect in achieving each combat.

Stick fight

At first it may seem a game too crazy (which is), but after a few games we will begin to know that we have to be attentive to those physical elements that can make our lives impossible as well as adapt to the advantages and disadvantages of each map.

We speak even of our own weapons that we have at hand and that will decide the victory or defeat in our favor. Each map will put us before a different environment and characteristics, and after finishing one alive, we will move on to the next one in order to add more points and end up winning this crazy game.

Stick Man and his follies

Stick Fight brings us well before a whole combat game in which to know how to adapt to the environment and our weapons is the key to emerge victorious. You also have to leave some space to chance and random, two elements that are very present in each game.


And being a multiplayer game, you can face players from all over the world. Your sitckman can run, jump and fight. We will have three opponents to fight with and after 9 games we can position ourselves to try to achieve victory.

If we talk about a variety of maps and environments, we must think that we have more than 100 maps, so we have a game in hand in which it will be difficult to remember everyone. We recommend that you quickly get on the map to help them out of that arsenal or simply place yourself in a very special place where the skewer traps will not end your life.

More than twelve different weapons

Weapons also have their own in Stick Fight, and we'll even have some that shoot snakes which will then attack on their own. The bombs are not lacking and special mention must be made of the built-in level editor. Which puts the maps you can play in almost infinite. Like other games you can customize your stickman.


A game that technically it works quite well, although the game screen may be too small. That is to say that our heroes appear small. For the rest, a well-worked object physics and we highlight the great variety of maps with their different elements. It is here that Stick Fight demonstrates power to be one of the craziest games we have seen this year. Of course, you are guaranteed fun and especially if you play with colleagues; Just like this stickman bike game.

In Stick Fight we have fun guaranteed from the start that you take the game and you start to wonder what this is about. You will pass a small tutorial and they will take you directly to your first multiplayer game without any way of giving a negative. Everything starts fast and very crazy in a game that is very different from what we know and that becomes a combat game that you don't have to despise at all. If you are looking for something different, exciting and with good graphics, especially in the madness that originates on the screen, you are already downloading it to follow hundreds of thousands of players.

Editor's Opinion

Stick fight

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • His madness
  • 100 different maps
  • Good object physics

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