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Some questions Stranger Things 3 must answer

With season 3 of Stranger Things Arriving on Netflix, things get dark again in Hawkins, Indiana. After two seasons acclaimed by critics, the successful series on supernatural adventures has left us many elements to look forward to your new season and solve some of its mysteries. From the identity of a key character in the second season, to the nature of one of the most important narrative elements, these are some of the great questions that Stranger Things 3 You must answer.

Will we see Kali again?

After some episodes of the second season dedicated to presenting Kali Prasad, the girl who spent her childhood problems with Eleven at Hawkins National Laboratory, Stranger Things apparently left the character in oblivion. Given the impact it had on Eleven's personality and powers in a single episode, it is reasonable to expect to see her again, but so far there have been no indications.

One of the questions Stranger Things 3 must answer is whether we will see Kali again.Kali's future is one of the questions that Stranger Things 3 You must answer.

His presence added another sinister element (and another human face) to the experiments that were carried out in the mysterious laboratory, so it will be a pity that this thread is not closed.

What is the Upside Down?

Will we know more details about the Upside Down?We will know more details about the Upside Down in the third season?

The first two seasons have been considered in details of the Upside Down (The reverse, in Spanish), probably because they want to establish a sense of mystery, while reflecting the lack of understanding of human characters. At some point, however, it will be necessary to know a little more about why the dimension seems to be so closely related to the human world itself.

If there are no human beings in Upside DownWhy does it have its own Hawkins School (as seen in the last scene of the end of season 2) and several other landmarks of the city? Although we don't expect all the answers at once, offer some clues as to why the two dimensions are linked, and in this particular city, help expand the mythology around the series.

Brenner is dead?

Another question that Stranger Things 3 must answer is whether Dr. Brenner is alive or not.Another question that Stranger Things 3 Must answer is if Dr. Brenner is alive.

The brain of the MKUltra Project, Dr. Martin Brenner, apparently found its end in season 1 in the teeth and claws of the same creature that let this dimension in: Demogorgon. Not many humans suffered the same fate as Brenner during the end of the season, but villains always find a way to return.

In the second season, the rumor accelerated when a former head of the Hawkins National Laboratory confesses, while under extreme pressure, that Brenner was still alive. Should we believe him? Only time will tell.

How many bean test subjects?

We hope to know more details about the total number of test subjects in Stranger Things 3.We hope to know more details about the total number of test subjects in Stranger Things 3.

We know that Kali was the test subject number eight and Eleven was, well … number 11. So, what happened to the rest that were part of the Hawkins Laboratory experiments? What happened to the numbers before 11? There was more?

While this aspect of the mythology of Stranger Things In a couple of CMIC books, there are no indications of whether these stories are really part of the franchise fee. In addition, the characters of the cmics are not mentioned on the screen.

All we know is that there have been at least 11 test subjects, possibly with powerful and superhuman abilities, and we only know the identity of two. We hope we open that narrative door (even a little) in season 3.

What is the next creature of Dungeons & Dragons?

What is the next monster to face the group of friends? What is the next monster to face the group of friends?

Throughout the first two seasons, children in the heart of Stranger Things have used the terms and elements of Dungeons & Dragons To help themselves and everyone else, including the audience of the program, wrap their heads around some of their most fantastic (and terrifying) concepts.

The monster of the first season was nicknamed Demogorgon, in reference to the antagonist of the last game session of the group. In season 2, the telepathic entity that infects Will's body is named after Mind Flayer (Skinningly in Spanish), another dangerous monster in the history of Dungeons & Dragons. What is next? A Beholder? A Displacer Beast (Beast Trmula)? We just hope that the villain of season 3 is not the Jelly Cube.

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