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So you can change the name on Facebook easily

In the days we live, the name of Facebook has more weight and identity than any phone book or in the Yellow Pages, and it is that your online name serves as a gateway in a multitude of places, which allows friends and family to know and navigate your wall. On the other hand, Facebook allows you to add a touch of personalization in the form of additional nicknames, professional titles and the like, which will make your wall a very personal showcase. However, there are more compelling reasons why you should consider changing your Facebook name to something more appropriate to be. The best part? It only takes a few seconds to get that new name: we explain how to change the name on Facebook.

You may have recently married and wish to adopt your partner's last name or you may want a way to better hide your identity online from potential work employers. Or maybe at the last moment you have taken a special affection to the nickname of your childhood Any excuse is good and it can help you to modify your name on Facebook and in these lines we will show you the simple steps you must take to do it. You dare? Let's go with it.

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If you are going to change your Facebook name, the first thing you should do is make sure that it conforms to the service name standards established by the social network. In theory, Facebook requires that each person provide their real name, a rule that many people manage to dodge, but not the same with certain characters, punctuation marks and inappropriate words that will not pass the system filter. Forget using bad aliases or anything that goes against social network regulations to avoid problems. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that Facebook only allows you to change your name “a few times” (we don't know how many, in particular), so be sure to choose a name with which you feel really comfortable, since you never know when This is the last time you can modify it.


Once you know what you can and cannot do with your new name, it is time to start: to do this, start your favorite browser and enter Facebook as you normally will, entering your email or phone number and providing your password. the same way you usually do it.


Then, access your wall and click on the blue arrow down in the upper right corner of the home page. In the drop-down menu, select Configuration. The pestaa General settings of the account should open by default, but if not, just click on the option general on the left side to open the main interface to deploy it.

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Now you can make the expected name change and to do this, click on the blue button Edit in the upper right corner next to your name to access the main name settings. Enter the surnames you want, first, second and desired before entering your name to display in the drop-down menu below the three text boxes.

In addition, you can add an alternate name to your account (i.e., single name, nickname, professional title) by entering your desired name in the text field to the right of Alternative name and ticking the box to the left of Include this in my wall. Like your real name, your alternate name must comply with certain alternative name policies to pass the confirmation.

Make sure you like the changes you make because you won't be able to change your name again within 60 days. When you're done, click on Check change, enter your password in the field below and click on the blue button Save Changes.

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Allow up to 24 hours for the requested name changes to take effect and if you choose to show your alternate name next to your real name, appear below your real name at the top of your personal timeline.

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