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Role, fighting and puzzles Candy Crush in the new SEGA game

SEGA is a developer of games with capital letters, one of the culprits that video games have evolved to acquire the status they currently have. How many company games do you remember? Surely among them are several Sonic, is the most iconic character. As well Monkey Island, Shinobi, Golden Ax… Well, imagine all those characters and combine them in a role-playing game, puzzles, collectible cards and PVP battles. If that is SEGA Heroes.

The former great developer has been living on her greatest success for a few years. The exploitation of his mythical characters is his main source of inspiration; with all the saga of new Sonic that has been launching for all platforms, mobile included. And now, in a twist that is not surprising, SEGA points to the PvP role-playing and combat games With a title that leaves bitter feelings.

SEGA Heroes, puzzles to combine three pieces with many elements to collect

Role, fighting and puzzles Candy Crush in the new SEGA game (APK)

This new game does not appear in all countries, but you can try the Apk thanks to Uptodown (We leave it at the end of the article). It is a game in which the most popular characters of the Japanese developer are combined to create a kind of role-playing universe in which we will advance through a progressive story. We must face the enemies in turn-based fighting.

The fighting is carried out automatically depending on how good we are in the lower puzzle board. You will have already guessed by the type of panel: SEGA Heroes repeat the formula with which he triumphed Candy crush (and so many others) proposing combinations of a minimum of three equal pieces. You can also make combos if we can join more parts or enhanced elements.

Role, fighting and puzzles Candy Crush in the new SEGA game (APK)

The execution of the puzzle influences the attacks of the characters. We will walk with three protagonists that we can choose depending on the ones we unlock. This process is done through letters: once we level up or get campaigns we will also win new characters; In addition to many other elements, enhancers, coins and gems.

You will have already imagined: SEGA Heroes delves into free-to-play offering the free game while slowing the progression without making purchases. They are not essential, but they favor progress and also the fastest improvement. SEGA Heroes maintains the essence of the role in its mechanics: we can evolve the characters, equip them with skills, weapons … It is complete, but also too seen.

A game that is still in the launch phase

SEGA Heroes is not distributed globally, but you can play if you install this UpToDown Apk. It works correctly with the only paste that it's in english (It is no major inconvenience). It is expected that when SEGA launches it worldwide, it will be translated into Spanish.

This game is neither new nor wonderful, but it entertains for quite some time. And it maintains the charism of mythical SEGA characters: You can get them all, like the Pokémon. Do you fancy a game?

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