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Review: Perfect strangers, the movie that Huawei sponsored

Original title: Perfect strangersAo: 2018Nationality: MexicoCategory: ComedyClassification: BDuration: 104 minutesActors: Mariana Trevio, Ana Claudia Talancn, Miguel Rodarte, Cecilia Surez, Bruno Bichir, Manuel Garca Rulfo Directors: Manolo Caro


Directed by Manolo Caro (The House of Flowers), Perfect Unknown It is the delirious story of seven best friends, who meet for an evening during a lunar eclipse. Eva (Cecilia Suarez) and Antonio (Bruno Bichir) are the hosts, she proposes a game in which everyone should read the messages aloud and answer the calls they receive on their cell phones during dinner. What happens when playing with the people who know each other best in the world? Or are they a group of perfect strangers?

What do you see in this movie?

It is certainly a movie that you should go to see movie theater, since I think you will not regret it.In this film the main protagonist is the Smartphone, if that device that you usually charge every day and everywhere, well said technological device has become par excellence our confidant and in this film you see how a group of friends and couples who think they know each other perfectly get involved in an endless entanglements, betrayal, surprises among other situations that make them see that more than friends are totally perfect strangers. Believe that you will take great surprises to see the movie and even if you are very attentive to the plot you can take a great lesson in life. The movie will tell you how mobile phones have become a fundamental tool in our daily lives, both personally and professionally and socially. It is certainly a breakthrough that makes life easier for us in many ways, but if it is misused, it can be a serious problem. On the other hand, I had already mentioned that the Smartphone is the main protagonist of the film, but not just any Smartphone, since you can see in each scene different models of the company Huawei who is he sponsor of the movie.

For whom is the film recommended?

The movie to be classification "B" It is recommended for adolescents 12 years and older.

Rating: 9.0

In TecnoCat We love to give a rating to the films, taking into account the way in which the film unfolds but above all we take into account the end, as well as what it transmits to us. Taking the points previously indicated, the team TecnoCat I decided to grant the qualification of 9.0 to the movie of Perfect strangers since the outcome we loved, the way to unwrap the plot was perfect and even if it does not get boring to see the characters always in the same set, but something that was not to our liking were the camera movements that sometimes they look awkward, in addition that the end does not manage to develop the initial plot well, that is why we decided that qualification since we left the end owing a lot.

Credits to Cinepolis for the contribution of the trailer.

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