Resident Evil Project Resistance, release date and official triler

Resident Evil Project Resistance, release date and official triler

It is an obvious fact that, the franchise Resident Evil of Capcom It has been a sweeping success. The successful survival of the entertainment giant has given the company a lot of joy. We are not talking only about a saga of tall video games, but about all kinds of merchandising, including a good number of movies. But, it seems that the Japanese giant wants more.

Therefore, Capcom has just published the first official trailer of Resident Evil Project Resistance, a new video game based on the popular franchise, which stands out for a multiplayer system with an asymmetric view. And eye, that the video reveals some very interesting secrets.

This triler shows you the secrets of Resident Evil Project Resistance

Before continuing, say that this title is based on the Resident Evil franchise, but not following the plot line of the original games. Although s catch some very interesting elements.

And, one of the most interesting details of the Project Resistant trailer, This is the moment when Tyrant appears, the most emblematic final monster in the game. Yes, as a player puts on gloves, Tyrant's good does the same. That what does it mean?

Well, most likely one of the players could play the role of bad. In this way, direct the zombies to bust the rest of the players, who must join forces and cooperate to survive all the creatures that will want to kill them in one of the most interesting survival horror of recent years.

Resident Evil Project ResistanceAs expected in a game that features the Resident Evil seal, we will meet the most common creatures of the acclaimed saga. In this way, zombies, lickers and other monsters will be available.

Capcom has shown the first trailer of Project Resistance, a new video game from the Resident Evil saga to bet on asymmetric multiplayer. The teaser shows the concept of this game, which invite users to defend themselves and cooperate to survive the usual creatures, zombies and monsters of the saga.

Now we just need to have a little patience, and wait for the next September 12. Date on which the Tokyo Games Show give its particular kick-off. And yes, this important videogame fair is when Capcom officially presents Project Resistance, a title based on Resident Evil that points out ways to be the bombing of the year.