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Reddit launches Events and Collections to group the best themes

reddit launches events and collectionsReddit has become one of the best platforms for people who want to learn, have fun, comment, or participate with their opinion on an infinite variety of topics. As its popularity grows more and more, the company wants to provide new opportunities for users to take full advantage of it, so this week it deploys a series of useful tools.

Perhaps you have realized that finding the best Reddit publications after some event has already happened may become an endless search. Therefore, the social network is working to change this situation are the launch of Events and Collections.

The Events, which were deployed on Tuesday, April 23, are limited-time publications, while the Collections serve as a way to organize related publications to easily find other threads of conversation within the same topic.

Reddit Events are linked to a specific date although they do not disappear after that date, but the format allows users to join a scheduled discussion to get a reminder when the event begins. Reddit says that Events also help users locate posts from a specific time in the past.

Conversation threads focused on specific events are very popular on the web. These communities discuss, for example, the premiere of a movie, television show, or current events. Two clear recent examples are Avengers: Endgame from Marvel and game of Thrones of HBO, which aroused a huge amount of publications, and, therefore, it is difficult to find the best ones.

reddit events collections launch fanartcompetition 2x copy "class =" dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pendingNow, the Reddit update makes events easier to design without code. Moderators have new options to choose a date and time for publication, which makes it less likely to be lost among the thousands of options in the feed.

In addition, new collections allow moderators to group publications, which facilitates the search for related events. That creates a "group" of posts that users can revisit, says Reddit. That is, the update provides moderators with tools to collect content in one place.

“Various events, such as the premiere of season 8 of game of Thrones, or season 7 of Rocket league, they are huge on Reddit, but it is often difficult to find a post for the event until after it happened, and it can be quickly buried by the feed, ”Reddit said in the announcement. "Our hope is that more events are organized with less effort, and the moments that are important to our community at all times are taken care of."

Reddit said he is also testing other options to schedule publications, a tool for recurring publications, and also to send a publication during an event, but keep in mind that these programming tools are only under test and are not yet widely available.

The Events and Collections options began as a test last fall, when Reddit tested them within certain groups. Since then Reddit has expanded the functions, including the option to add a date to an existing publication and the option to follow an event or collection. The features also allow updates of a team of moderators, and different design options.

The truth is that Reddit, the self-proclaimed cover of the internet, has something for everyone, no matter what interests you. Whether it's popular, conventional, novel, specific, weird or funny, we can guarantee you will find a community of other enthusiasts on Reddit. There are vibrant communities dedicated to everything that could happen to you, as strange as it may seem, so you can rest assured that you will find a subreddit that you will like. The trick is to wade all the nonsense to focus on the good.

Therefore, to help you not waste your time and enjoy its content while waiting for these new features to be deployed globally, we compile a list of some of the best subreddits that this platform has to offer.

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