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Record all football matches with Amazon Fire TV Recast

Amazon Fire TV Recast Soccer SoccerThis will definitely be a summer of goals. With the Gold Cup, the American Cup and the FIFA Women's World Cup that is already in full swing, the fans will have more than enough football to enjoy the whole season. But what if you missed that important game you were waiting to see? Maybe it is not enough to know the results, but you are interested in seeing the whole encounter. Or maybe you saw it, but you want to relive the most important moments whenever and wherever you want. For that, there are several options, and one of them is Amazon Fire TV Recast.

The Fire TV Recast is a complementary DVR that allows you to easily watch, record and play TV programming, both on Fire TV, Echo Show and on Fire tablets, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. In addition, it has the integration of Alexa, Amazon's smart assistant.

In order to enjoy live TV, you just have to connect Fire TV Recast to any HDTV antenna. That way, you can have instant access to free air TV content available in your area, such as live shows, local news, sports and more, from channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS. Best of all, you won't have to pay any monthly fees.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Soccer 1Amazon explains that by placing Fire TV Recast and an HDTV antenna anywhere in your home, all your compatible devices will connect automatically, giving you immediate access to local television programming over the air.

Fire TV Recast allows you to record up to two or four programs at a time, depending on the model, and transmit them to several compatible devices at the same time. The advanced wireless technology promises to automatically optimize the use of bandwidth in your local network, providing the best possible HD image quality, even when it is transmitted across multiple devices in a congested Wi-Fi environment.

In addition, you can take your programs with you when you are away from home with the application for Fire TV Recast, which allows you to watch live and recorded content via Wi-Fi or when connected to a mobile network. The mobile broadcast for Fire TV Recast is available on all compatible mobile devices, with no monthly charges or additional subscription fees.

Fire TV Recast is available in two versions: a $ 230 model, which has two tuners and a 500 GB DVR with a capacity for 75 hours of recording; and a more advanced version of $ 280 dollars with four tuners, which houses a unit of 1 TB and 150 hours.

As we said, this device allows you to record up to two or four programs at a time, depending on the model, and transmit them on multiple devices at once. If you need more recording capacity, you can add it through an external hard drive connected by USB, giving you access to virtually unlimited recordings.

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