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Pokmon Masters already has its previous registration in the Play Store

Pokémon Masters is now available in your previous registration in order to get ready before its imminent arrival. A game that attracts millions and this time takes us to the 3-on-3 combat tournaments and which has been called as World Pokémon Masters.

Another Pokémon title and that this time comes from DeNA, one of the experts in this videogames and that he wants to have another success in his hands that millions of people play with his mobiles around the world.

The goal is to get into fights of 3 vs. 3 of the World Pokémon Masters. We will have to play against well-known coaches, form our team and try to emerge victorious from all those insults to which we are heading with this new game for mobile devices.

Pokémon Masters

We will have to create a team of three coaches and which will take advantage of the strengths of their respective Pokémon. A game that does not lack the multiplayer and those cooperative battles to have a good game with our friends and colleagues.

So we can watch video trailer The truth is that it looks good with a very animated animation characters and that they bring everything that is this series of series, characters, games and more. So if you are a fan of Pokémon GO you will be facing one of your essentials for this year.

We only have to know the business model, although it seems that everything is pulling towards the freemium so as not to skip fashion and thus attract the whales that will release their hundreds and thousands of euros to excel.

We remain cautious anyway because there might be some surprise with Pokémon Masters and those 3-on-3 games that look very entertaining. It is already taking time to click on the widget below to access the previous registration.

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