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Nokia sells triple feature phones than smartphones

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<p>Since returning to the market in 2017, <strong>Nokia has been regaining its presence in the market</strong>. It is currently one of the best selling brands in Europe, as well as worldwide, with 4.8 million units sold in the second quarter of the year. In addition to its growing range of smartphones, the brand also has a good range of so-called feature phones or simple phones, such as those that left us recently.</p><div class=

It is in this segment that Nokia stands out especially in terms of sales. Since only in the second quarter of this year the company has sold 12 million units of these feature phones. Almost three times than its smartphone sales. Some curious figures for the brand.

Nokia is thus one of the most popular brands in the field of feature phones. Models such as 3310 and 8810, which the firm has reissued in these years, have been a success in the market. This is something that has helped them have good sales in this market segment.

Nokia 105 and Nokia 220

In fact, in this field they are the second largest manufacturer worldwide. While they have been losing some presence these past two years, while the sales of their smartphones grow year by year. So in the future the proportions may be more balanced.

It’s interesting to see that feature phones are still selling so much today, especially in the case of a brand like Nokia. It is not surprising that the company continues to launch models in this segment. They have already left us with several devices this year, which contribute to these good sales.

We will continue with interest watching how Nokia sales evolve. Both those of their smartphones and their feature phones, because they surely leave us with new models in this field in the coming months. For now, in a few days we have an appointment with the brand at IFA 2019.

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