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Nokia reveals the dates of the arrival of Android 10 to their devices

When a new version of Android is about to come out, companies always tend to launch the lists of the terminals that will receive the new operating system an approximate date. If you are lucky and your device is factory-free or Android One you will not have to wait for your operator to release the OTA and everything will go according to the established times.

Android 10 is already a fact and will begin to reach the first devices this last quarter of the year continuing in 2020 for others. Nokia is one of the brands present in the Android One program with several devices and has already released its list with update times.

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As expected we have that the first ones in the list are the devices located in the high range that will begin to be updated before the end of the year. Followed by the mid-range, medium low and low that will have the arrival of Android 10 in the first 6 months of 2020.

Also in the Nokia infographic clarifies that the exact dates may vary by external factors such as the region and the approvals of the different mobile phone operators. With all this we can say that although Nokia has not stood out much in the market, a point that stands out well above the others is the system updates since as we can see they will update even to the low range.

Do not leave without leaving me in the comments if you already expect Android 10 and have a Nokia. You know, we will be reading you.

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