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Netflix launch magazine to seek advantage in the Emmys

If you do not have enough with all Netflix series, documentaries, films and specials, we have good news: now you can also read their magazine.

The popular online television network is about to launch a publication (provisional name: Wide) to promote their material and their stars as a way to prepare for this year's Emmys, the most important awards in the world of television, according to a Bloomberg report. The first edition, which has more than 100 pages and be free, serves to attract attention to the actors and programs of the company.

In preparation for a revolutionary year in both film and television, Netflix has brought together some of the most talented and valued writers and photographers, thinkers and creatives, to make an inaugural edition of Wide, the Netflix print publication, wrote in an email.

Netflix, whose material ranges from animation to series and films (going through countless comedians specials) has invested large amounts of money with the Hollywood awards in its sights, seeking to position itself among viewers and the industry as the number one streaming provider. The magazine will begin to be distributed in June – when members of the Television Academy vote for the Emmys nominations – in special events. Last year, the company took over a building in Los Angeles, California, for a full month, to organize screenings and parties.

Netflix employees have been taking on the task of participating in interviews and photographic sessions, generating material for the brand new first edition of Wide.

The company has gained more and more strength since it started as a simple correspondence DVD service in Los Gatos, California, thanks to its way out of the traditional molds of the industry, and now hopes, with this new publication, to impact a more time to the public and its competitors.

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