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Microsoft prepares its own version of Android with the help of Cyanogen

Android by Microsoft

The success that Microsoft is having with its new version of its desktop operating system is unquestionable. But nevertheless on the mobile phone, Windows 10 Mobile is not giving its best performance and we cannot say the same as your desktop counterpart.

What if Microsoft had its own version of Android?

And is that It is difficult to enter a market where iOS and Android have a long journey as mobile operating systems and being the two major platforms. The arrival of Windows to mobile operating systems was very good news, but the truth is that its incursion into this market is a bit disappointing.

For this same reason, the boys of Microsoft resort to the saying of "If you can not with your enemy, join him", at least that seems to be the new strategy of Microsoft, since everything points to that Microsoft will have its own version of Android.

This nothing sounds crazy if we take into account the last movement of Blackberry with its Blackberry Priv it has been a movement that the company of Canada should have given a long time ago, to have an Android terminal.

Who is behind this version of Android created by Microsoft?

This new version of Android modified by Microsoft take advantage of all the good things about Android adapting in it all the needs and services of Microsoft terminals. An example of this can be seen on devices launched by Amazon such as Fire Phone.

Native Android services such as Gmail, Maps or Google Now will be replaced by Outlook, Bing Maps or Cortana respectively. Another aspect to take into account is the Microsoft registered patent in which different start-ups are allowed on the same device.

Well, but answering the question, everything points to that Cyanogen being the company in charge of working on these ROMs for Android terminals, this is seen coming from the moment Cyanogen signed an alliance with Microsoft.

If you liked this article, and you are waiting for that new version of Android customized by Microsoft with the help of Cyanogen, Leave your comment With your expectations.

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