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Microsoft in the fight to end Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, that browser that we have always distinguished for being the bold in the browsers rice, which was always slow and that many times they ask us to open some sites, although we already had it forgotten. That browser is still alive for some users.

We are well aware that the browser lost support from Microsoft in its versions prior to Internet Explorer 11, but according to company data there are those who for not modernizing their websites with current standards continue to use it.

Microsoft warns that not switching to a modern browser can bring security consequences of the sites. Internet Explorer 11 is only going so that site administrators can check compatibility and thus modernize. This version still has support but not with web standards update.

We will have to see what steps Microsoft takes to continue in its fight to completely shut down and forget this famous browser. The Edge version that will come out in the future based on Chromium could be the first step.

T what do you think? Do you know someone who still uses IE? Give us your answer in the comment box, we are reading.

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