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Meet a Live CD with which to repair your Windows operating system

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<p><strong>The Windows operating system has or rather had the reputation of being unstable, producing constant failures and causing errors at the time we least can afford this.</strong>, and we say that it had because for a few versions we have been able to see an increase in stability, reaching its maximum in Windows 10, a system that has nothing to do with Windows XP in this regard.</p><div class=

Anyway, using the latest version of the Microsoft operating system does not guarantee us to be safe from errors or guarantee that at any given time we do not have to opt for system repair tools, so today we are going to see a Live CD that will help us in this task in a simple way.

The idea is to make use of All in One System Rescue Toolkit, a free software but for which we are invited to make a donation to continue with the project, valid for the latest versions of Windows, in Live CD format and with which we can perform an infinite number of actions to through a simple menu, all this to be able to repair and optimize our system, that is, having to start this Live CD from a CD or pendrive, since it is not prepared to run it on our Windows, it is necessary to boot with it.

So we can understand the large number of options you have, We leave you a video below:

As we have seen in the video, This tool has a large number of actions to perform on our system, among which are functions of both cleaning, optimization, and recovery of the system itself, an authentic Swiss army knife for Windows.

Finally, we must indicate that Live CD download must be done through torrent, so it will be necessary to have a client of this type and download through this medium, but except for this detail, the download and execution are done without difficulty.

All in One System Rescue Toolkit | Download through Torrent

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