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Measure will come to the Google camera app to measure objects in augmented reality

The applications of the
virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming more frequent in our
lives Well we can appreciate more daily the way they begin to go around the world of video games,
but the truth is that this technology will not only stay in that area.

Google already has a
time working on applications for your augmented reality engine called
ARCore and one of them quite interesting
and til
It has been Measure. This application basically allows us to measure
figures or structures through the camera of our device as long as
This has the ability to run the app.

About Measure we have known thanks to the XDA Developers page that Google has among its plans to bring this incredible function directly to your camera application mainly for Google Pixel. The developers thoroughly scrutinized the latest version of the Google camera for these smartphones and were able to find code strings that refer to that function.

They have even managed to get to the point of making the Measure section appear in the function menu. Surely we will know more about this until Google I / O takes place in the month of May. What do you think about inclusion in this new way? Is it time to get us a Pixel? Let us know what you think in the comment box.

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