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LG presents the first roll-up television on the market # CES2019

We do not mention when we mentioned that this week was going to represent a great madness in terms of news and if you allow me to say it, as soon as I saw the images of this device working, it really moved me. Beyond if the technology already exists, this means the approach of this to the public and that is the best.

After last year LG presented the prototype of its roller television has reached this CES 2019 with all the polished details and the occasional extra attachment to market your TV OLED R.

Image goes The Verge

A large screen carries a great sound

Well, we know and we saw how this screen is rolled up 65 inches with 4K resolution, but you also have to mention a little about the additional improvements. The OLED R TV includes a base in the sound section with a 100 watt speaker powered by Dolby Atmos.

Image goes The Verge

Whether you're watching a movie or simply want to listen to music with great audio quality. The TV brings a function called Line Mode in which a quarter of the screen protrudes from the base showing only the audio controls. In addition, this mode allows the control of smart devices that we have at home.

Operating system and image quality

The software that runs inside the heart of this great Smart TV is the LG webOS Yes, I still think that doesn't sound good at all and integrates compatibility with Google and Amazon Alexa wizards, as well as support for Apple AirPlay 2 for media playback or screen mirroring of other devices.

For image processing LG has included the second generation of its Alpha 9 chip and emphasizes that customers will not lose the quality offered by an OLED display thing we hope to see over time with the plus of being at the same time roller.

Price and availability

Now yes, here's the good thing. And this whole set of technology was not going to be cheap at all. There is no official data, but according to data from previous OLED devices, this TV will be worth over $ 8,000 dollars and will probably go on sale for spring this year.

No doubt this team is impressive in all aspects.. What do you think of yourself? See you in the comment box, let's talk a little about it.

Source: The Verge

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