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Launch of the Galaxy Note 10 in Mexico. Price and availability.

The Galaxy Note 10 has been launched just a few weeks ago officially in the United States and in a fairly quick way has arrived in Mexico. Thanks to Samsung Mexico we have been able to attend the launch conference and we tell you in this way all the information about the most powerful smartphones of the Korean company.

The event begins with HS Jo giving a series of data about Samsung's path. We have that the Galaxy family has completed nothing more and nothing less than 10 years and in Mexican territory the Note family has had a good reception, in general 1 out of every 3 smartphones in Mexico is a Samsung.

One of the characteristics in which Samsung places vital emphasis is on maintaining a good design on each of its devices without neglecting the technology that can be integrated into them.

A culture with the Galaxy Note

Samsung Note line devices have always distinguished themselves by focusing on a productive and professional audience. The terminal allows you to work without the need to be at a desk necessarily and gives the necessary power to perform the tasks that a designer, photographer, blogger or engineer could have.

This new Galaxy Note family is highly focused on certain aspects such as the size of the screen with extremely small edges and HDR10 + quality for the best visualization of the content. As for power we have this device increases by 33% and 42% in terms of the performance of its processor and graphics card compared to the past Note 9. About 5G connectivity it will be only the plus version that has this connectivity in selected markets.

Of the most notable things that make the difference in a Note is of course the S Pen and this is one of the things that Samsung has enhanced in Note 10. Gesture management is a fact is applications such as the camera, the galley , music applications and more.

Next, I leave you the galley of this device so that you can better appreciate it with that design that is really eye catching. I don't know if it's me, but the device looks more square in comparison to the previous one and extremely larger – even if it's not really like that -.

Now the Note 10 in its most basic version:

3D modeling capabilities with the plus version

One of the sensors that the Galaxy Note 10 Plus carries is the already famous Time of Flight and this is used for a very interesting function that basically allows you to scan an object and obtain a three-dimensional model on the smartphone. It is recommended that there be good lighting so that the model has the highest possible quality.

Availability and price

Samsung takes the opportunity to announce the launch of its new Galaxy Tab S6. We leave you the price below:

The presale of the Galaxy Note starts right now and until September 5 and in the purchase you will have some Galaxy Buds totally free.

Do not leave without letting us know if you will buy the new Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Your opinion is very important to us, we will be reading you.

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