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King's new game is an RPG with puzzles and fantastic worlds

Fresh air arrives at the Google Play Store, King premieres game and is not from any of his "sagas." Gone are their most famous titles as the new game bets on a collaboration with another developer, Snowprint studios. Do you want to be one of the first to try it? Go now to the Google Play Store and download Legend of Solgard, an epic adventure by levels that will awaken a sense of déjà vu.

Legend of Solgard It is an excellent puzzle game to which the themes and the essence of RPG are added. With this you get a very funny title that, despite not being 100% novel, does attract with its doses of freshness. And, as in everything King launches, with Legend of Solgard you have guaranteed hours of fun; also intelligence, characters of great charisma and the social touch that characterizes the company.

Legend of Solgard, gather creatures to defeat powerful puzzle-based bosses

King's new game is an RPG with puzzles and fantastic worlds

The first thing that catches the attention of this game is the story that begins as soon as it starts. As in any role-playing game that boasts, we have a very bad evil committed to conquering the world; and then a very good good heroine that we will incarnate for, helped by a multitude of creatures, defeat the icy evil preventing Ragnarok or end of the world. Norse mythology is very present in Legend of Solgard, not in vain the study behind the development is Swedish.

Once we enter history we will encounter the basic mechanics of the game: unite similar creatures to organize our troops in a turn attack. The fighting is this way, in turns; must defeat the enemies based on how well we organize the pieces of the puzzle.

King's new game is an RPG with puzzles and fantastic worlds

The movements of each level are limited, hence we must create the greatest number of combos so that the attacks are more effective and powerful. That's where the spirit of the Candy Crush Saga: the puzzle style maintains a certain similarity in Legend of Solgard; Without being identical: you must calculate the movements very well. Even so, the game at hand goes far beyond a simple puzzle title: its depth distills its own character.

The main campaign consists of several worlds, up to nine planned; with a multitude of levels (there are currently 5 worlds with 200 levels). In addition to this, Legend of Solgard includes different additions, such as the Dungeons: players will fight gathered in guilds to fight against other guilds; adding the Arena of Heroes and the Arena of Chiefs, where we must fight against other players and also guild bosses. The combination is completed with daily rewards and challenges: there is fun for a while.

A free game with the usual Freemium style; although without penalizing the gameplay

King's new game is an RPG with puzzles and fantastic worlds

King It is a key piece in the history of video games thanks to its high capacity when combining free games with the motivation of rewards and in-app purchases. So you know what you're going to find in Legend of Solgard: limited lives, resource management that is accelerated with game gems and gems that can be purchased directly to evolve more quickly.

Our recommendation is that you give opportunity to Legend of Solgard: It is a game that you will like even if you do not enjoy 100% of RPG or casual games. One of the achievements of King and Footprint Studios is the balance between themes, gameplay and limited experience for in-app purchases. After a few minutes playing you will also fall into its history. And you will love it.

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