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It solves the problem of having access to mobile network but not having Internet

4G networks

Today, the majority of users of smartphone they have access to an internet data rate. Browsing or using social networks thanks to mobile networks is already a completely normal and everyday phenomenon.

When we are at home, a Wi-Fi connection is the most used to access the Internet. But nevertheless, mobile networks make sense when we are not in our home or have simply gone on a trip for work or vacation.

In all these situations we take advantage of the data rate, and normally we have no problem. The coverage is usually quite good, except in specific places, and that is something that has advanced over time.

But nevertheless, There are times when we have the right coverage, but we cannot access the Internet What happens in that case? Is it our fault? Let's see why this happens and, above all, a little trick to reduce the problem.

It has no total solution, but you can reduce the problem

If you find yourself in the case where tennis has good coverage and supposedly good access to the data network, but do not get access to the Internet, possibly the failure is not your terminal.

Sometimes, The cause of having good coverage but not having access to the Internet is network saturation. This usually happens when there are few antennas that give us a signal, and the use of the network is very high, so there is not enough to guarantee a good service to all users.

Unfortunately, the solution to that does not exist, at least in a simple way, since it is foreign to us. But luckily there is a little trick to help us have more options to access the Internet on that network.

This trick is only to deactivate the automatic synchronization of our terminal. And it is that when our phone manages to connect to the network, it uses it to synchronize the data, so decrease the options that we can do something apart.

If we deactivate this synchronization, the moments in which we get a good connection We can use them to use social networks or simply send a WhatsApp message.

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