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If you play Fortnite, hackers can spy on you through your microphone

fortnite hackers spy players computerFortnite is the most popular video game in the world, but with that popularity there are also security problems. The threat of cyber attacks designed to steal personal information from users and gain access to their accounts is latent, and a last vulnerability found in the game allows hackers to spy on players using their computers' microphones.

Discovered by the research company Check Point Software Technologies, the vulnerability could give hackers access to a user's account, allowing them to view their personal information, use their microphone to spy, or buy items within the game.

To give rise to an attack, the players had to click on a malicious link that was sent by email, which gave the hacker access to the user's "login token". Once this is done, the cyber pirate can play as if he were the person to whom he stole his identity, as well as listen to voice communications intended for the account holder.

This vulnerability was created because the Epic Games account page had not been validated and, therefore, allowed it to be redirected to a separate malicious web page, from where a login token could be sent for the hacker to access With a custom JavaScript code.

Fortunately, if you have not been affected, it seems that you will not have to worry about this particular attack, since Epic Games has already solved the vulnerability. "They informed us about the vulnerabilities and we immediately addressed them," the Epic told Variety in a statement. "We thank Check Point for bringing this to our attention."

Check Point also reinforced the fact that users should add two-factor authentication to their Epic Games accounts. By using this option, you will receive an email with a code after entering the correct password in your account, and no one can log in without having access to both. The system is available on most major gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, although it is optional.

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