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Huawei has already prepared its own operating system in case of emergency

The topic of conversation Huawei-United States has not stopped since it began last year. The Chinese company is not having a good time because the attacks by the current president, Donald Trump have not stopped at all. Lately, he continues to invite his allied countries so that they do not use Huawei technologies and devices.

A few days ago Huawei CEO Richard Yu, I confirm in an interview something that I had already been talking about. Given the possibility that in the future the company had to break its ties with Google or Microsoft, it began with the development of an operating system that allowed them to continue in the game. The system called so far, Kirin OS, is ready to be used on both smartphones and computers according to Richard Yu's words.

Alleged appearance of Kirin OS in an Honor Play. Image via Gizmochina

We have prepared our own operating system. If it ever happened that we can no longer use these systems, we will be prepared. That is our plan B. But, of course, we prefer to work with the Google and Microsoft ecosystems.

  • Richard Yu, Huawei CEO

The letter is already on the table in case anything happens in this toxic relationship they have with the United States. I do not imagine very well how it would be the migration of programs and applications on the devices, but surely there will be a titanic task to solve compatibility problems do not you think? Snatching the operating systems from Huawei is not something we hope will happen, but if it happens, it would be an extremely strong blow.

Would you like to try the new Huawei system? Do you think it will be based on Windows and Android? Leave us your comments about it below, we are reading.

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