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Huawei, further from taking Android to their next phones

Huawei has presented this morning what may be its latest phones under the known as 'Google Android'. These are two variants of the Huawei P30 Pro in two new colors, and that arrive next to the announcement of the arrival of its latest version although it can still depend on the region of the software, EMUI 10 on Android 10.

Caught up in the trade war between the United States and China, it is not clear that Huawei will have the possibility to present new phones with the Google operating system as we know it. Although it still has an extended moratorium, it only applies to products already in the marketing process when it was issued.

Harmony OS, first choice for the Huawei P40

So much that Huawei already acknowledges having slipped your own operating system, Harmony OS, to the first option for the launch of the future Huawei P40 next spring This was stated by the CEO, Richard Yu, in a meeting with the media at IFA to which he has had access Xataka.

Huawei P40, first brand new candidate Harmony OS on smartphones

This new turn could make, in fact, "the first product with HarmonyOS may be the P40 next spring, maybe next March." It will also do it with its own substitute for Google Play Services.

It is in the air state of the Mate 30, which will be presented on September 19 at an event in Munich. A priori, it seems quite likely that Huawei does not have access, at least from the outset, to Google's operating system. In this scenario, it may not reach the West until the commercial tension between the two superpowers is resolved, which at the moment seems unlikely, or it may be the first edition to let its launch pass outside of China.

In the same sense Google pointed out the same last week, assuring in statements Reuters that it will not be possible to distribute the already imminent Mate 30 with its preinstalled services.

ProtonMail as an alternative to Gmail



This means: no applications from Google Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Drive or Photos, among many others, and with very limited compatibility with the vast majority of apps which are distributed through Google Play, so they should be adapted and distributed by another. Probably through App Gallery, Huawei's own store.

In this same direction today Bloomberg, which states that Huawei is in conversations with ProtonMail, a recognized provider of encrypted email Based in Switzerland.

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