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Huawei for digital transformation in the industry # MWC2019

Huawei has been quite active this Mobile World Congress and not only does it intend to fully enter the world of mobile devices, but it wants to make the way the industry works through its devices evolve. In the MWC it was organized the Summit of Digital Transformation of Industries, where the Chinese presented four solutions for the construction of a connected and intelligent world. Without more, we leave you the description of each one of them.

WiFi Access Point 6

WiFi 6 is the new generation of this technology that provides better coverage and connection speed. This Huawei device achieve that the total access rate of a single wireless access point exceed 10 Gbps as well as the cudruple of users connected simultaneously. For enterprise networks Huawei's third generation smart antenna technology achieve an increase in coverage of the WiFi 6 signal by 40%.

CloudEngine 16800

This immense switch comes from the hand of the Huawei AI chips and with its algorithm called switching without intelligent loss. Thanks to this, the loss of packets in ethernet networks is solved, the AI ​​computing power increases to 100% and the input and output operations improve by 30%. This product aims to save up to 320,000 kilowatts / hr per year.

Golden OceanStor

Enterprise storage will be enhanced thanks to the smart flash storage that Huawei offers. With a performance of up to 7,000,565 entry and exit operations per second with minimum latency of 0.5 ms.

Cameras defined by software

The AI ​​was already in the smartphones and now reaches CCTV systems with characteristics of scenario identification, detect their status and adapt to provide continuous service. Most interesting is the fact that these cameras with AI they can share their computing power to traditional cameras to execute the same actions.

As we can see, Huawei nevertheless comes to bring many solutions to both the industry and the devices we love so much. How do you see this evolution of the Chinese company in recent years? I read you in the comment box.

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