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How to use a VPN on Android and what it is for

AVPN or virtual private network is, at a practical level, acts asintermediary Between our device and Internet servers. For what? To make us part of a virtual LAN and, in this way, theIP address that is shown to the servers is not ours, but the one that gives us the VPN. This allows for greaterPrivacybut also avoid thecensorship and geographical restrictions, among other things. ButHow is it used on Android?

Dozens of virtual or private virtual networks are available for Android device usersVPN. Some of them paid, and others with free versions. What users should take into account is how privacy is taken care of, revealing, or not, IP address, data transfer performance and its versatility among others. In this tutorial, the VPN that we will use as an example isHi Free VPN Proxydownload below, which has a really complete free version.

Hi Free VPN Proxy

Hi Free VPN Proxy

Installation and configuration of the VPN on Android

In the case of Hola Free VPN Proxy, we just have toopen the application and in the main menu we will see a list with all our installed applications. The first thing we will do is choose, in the upper left corner, thepas.The country we choose to be the one that our device shows to any server. That is, if we choose Andorra, for example, Netflix interpret that we are visiting its website from Andorra, and not from our real country. Once selected, we return and in the same app drawer we will see a sliding button that tells us ifthe VPN is active and in operation, or not.

The options we have are simple. In the top search bar we can searchany web and access it using the VPN. And in the application drawer, we can select any app to openusing the VPN. When you open any application, allow us to select againwhat happened We want to indicate that it is ours, thanks to the VPN. Thus we can benefit from the advantages of certain countries.

What is a VPN for Android mobile devices for?

A VPN is really practical. It serves us to‘Fake’ our location real. So, for example, we can access the United States version of Netflix –with more applications-. Or simply, in some countries, we canaccess websites that are censored by the government. On the other hand, it also helps us to surf the Internet without revealing our real IP address; In this way we can navigate with greater privacy, while being much more complicated to identify.

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