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How to unlock the new hidden wallpapers of OnePlus

It is very easy to get them, so stay tuned or attentive because in a moment you will have it and you can enjoy these new wallpapers.

How to unlock the new OnePlus Fnatic Mode backgrounds

Do not worry, even if you do not play with your phone and do not use the Fnatic Mode (a mode that allows you to optimize the games and allocate what is necessary in processor and RAM so that it works like a charm every video game) you can get these wallpapers. This is the way to do it.

First we will have to go to theSettingsThere we will go toUtilitiesThe first option within Utilities isGame mode,we will press there.

OnePlus fnatic wallpaper mode

InGame modeWe will have enough options. One of the last isFnatic modeWe will click on it to access the options in this way that recently was included even in some of its older phones such as the OnePlus 5 or the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus fnatic wallpaper mode

Upon accessing we will see that the Fnatic logo appears, which for those who do not know, is one of the most famous eSports teams (that is, electronic sports).

Press several times in a row on the Fnatic logo until you see a line to type and your keyboard. This is to enter the password to unlock the wallpapers. We will have to enteralwaysfnatic(as, all together and in lower case). In doing so we open a new screen with the message:Welcome to Fnatic Modein Spanish).

We will automatically get the messageYou have unlocked 3 special wallpapers.By pressingAdd to wallpapersthey will be downloaded and you can use them as wallpaper easily, since by holding down the home screen and selectingwallpapersWe will see you there easily at the end of everything.

OnePlus Fnatic wallpaper mode

What do you think of this easter egg with a prize that OnePlus has included in its options? It is clear that they want to strengthen the alliance with Fnatic. The mode works very well, so we expect more news of this option over time, which we will surely receive, and we will be informing in Android Help, so stay tuned or attentive.