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How to unlock an iPhone – How to do it

When we don't have a method to unlock the iPhone access code, we mean it, we have an iPhone in your hand, but you can't use it, how terrible! In fact, sometimes, be patient when you cannot unlock the access code.

And I would love to have a secret password to unlock any iPhone, I do not have it, but I have many methods to skip the password of my iPhone through its native services such as iCloud or other available tricks I hope you find it useful.

Each Exposed Method ac is effective but They have Advantages and Disadvantages

These varied methods where the iPhone a PC or a service will be crucial to achieve our goal.

How to Unlock the iPhone Access Code with Siri for Free

Method 1

one. Close your iPhone, do not turn off.2. Press and hold the Home Touch, release until Siri comes out. 3. Ask Siri "What time is it", you answer.4. When the clock arrives, click on it and access the iPhone Clock. 5. From the right corner, you can see the timer, go to the timer. 6. Set the timer for about 20 seconds, then click When the timer ends. 7. From here, if you can see Buy more tones, you can click and go directly to the iPhone screen.

How to Unlock iPhone Password with iTunes

Method 2

one. Take the USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC through the USB cable, start iTunes on your PC. 2. Turn off your iPhone, do not turn off and then press the power and start button at the same time for 10 seconds. Now you need to release the power button and press and hold the start button for other seconds.4. You need to release the start button when you see the iTunes logo on your iPhone. 5. From iTunes, click on your device, click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

How to unlock the iPhone Access Code with iCloud

Method 3

one. Just go to, log in with Apple ID and password for Apple ID, you can see Find my iPhone. 2. Click Search my iPhone, and you can see all the devices in your Search my iPhone, select the device name of your locked iPhone. 3. Click on Delete iPhone to delete your iPhone and the iPhone password. 4. Your iPhone has been unlocked and now you can use it.

How to unlock the iPhone without the password without restoring

Method 4

You still have an opportunity to unlock the iPhone access code with Eelphone Unlock Screen Passcode.

one. I think it is easier to obtain a computer than to unlock the iPhone access code, download Eelphone iPhone Unlock on your PC and start it, see Unlock the screen access code, click on it without hesitation. 2. You need to read the warm-up before clicking Start. 3. Connect your locked iPhone to the PC using a USB cable. 4. If you are connected to a PC, but the iPhone is still black, you must put your iPhone in DFU or Recovery mode. 5. Define the save path to download the firmware package. 6. Downloading the firmware package cost a few minutes, after downloading the firmware package, you need to start extracting. 7. Extraction finished, the software will request confirmation of the unlock of the iPhone access code by entering “000000”, then click on Start Unlock. 8. The iPhone access code is being unlocked, after a while, it is unlocked.

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