How to speed up Google Chrome downloads on Android

How to speed up Google Chrome downloads on Android

When we useGoogle Chrome, or other web browsers, the downloads of files –whatever type- Always follow the same scheme. We are the client, and we receive data from a single server, so the communication is unidirectional, while in P2P networks it is quite different. The problem is thatrecords that we download are sent, by the server, as asingle piece. If it could be divided, and sent in several pieces simultaneously, will it be faster right? This is what this trick is.

Activate download parallels to speed them up in Google Chrome

This feature –or function the web browser Google Chrome takes care ofdivide the file in several parts, and downloads all those parts at the same time and at the same speed. And when it's not possible, they will simply do thedownloads as always until now. To activate it, we will open the Google Chrome web browser and go to the top address bar to accesschrome: // flags. From here, with the search engine, we will have to locate the section of‘Parallel Downloading’.

Once we have located it, in the button at the bottom that appears as‘Default’we will have to press to have their options displayed. Now, we will simply have to selectEnable and let the web browser restart on its own. Once it opens again, the download parallel function will already be activated. And then we will notice that files are downloaded faster whenever it is possible to take advantage of this feature.

Obviously, the speed of downloads will always be limited by the services of the server, network congestion and our mobile coverage. But this feature, both in computers and mobile devices –including tablets- It helps files of all types to download faster. And it is especially notable when the weight of the files is somewhat large, and when we make use of a WiFi connection with good speed and stability.