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How to see all the photos on a map with Samsung Galley

How to see photos map

The Samsung Gallery app allows us to see all the photos that we do on our mobile at a quick glance thanks to a function of a map that it has and we will teach you how to use.

This function is highly desired by many and is waiting to arrive at some point to Google Photos. Especially for the number of users who use the Google app to manage their photos. Samsung Gallery is a perfect alternative even if you don't have that machine learning from Google Photos.

How to activate the Samsung Gallery map feature

The Samsung Gallery map feature, and that also have other apps as in iOS, is to place on a map all the photos you have taken so that you can quickly locate them. Go for it.

  • We have to activate first take photos by location.
  • We go to the Samsung camera app and activate the “location tags” function to assign a location tag to each photograph.

Location tags

  • This leads to the activation of the location every time we take a picture.
  • We take an example photo and we go now to the Samsung Gallery app.
  • In Gallery, click on the icon of three vertical dots to access the Settings.
  • In Settings we have to activate the function “Show Location Information”.

Show location information

  • In this way we will activate the map function to access it.
  • For it let's go to the Albums tab located at the bottom so that all folders appear.
  • We gesture down and the folders appear for videos, favorites, locations and suggestions.
  • Select locations.
  • We will have the photo or photos by location. We select one.
  • A map appears with the photo below. Click on the map.

By location

  • We pinch out and position the map to see all the photos so we can see them by locations.

So can See all the photos in a complete map of your country in the Samsung Gallery app and that really is important when we have a lot of pictures. Another One UI trick for sound.

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