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How to see a Snap or Snapchat Story again until you get tired

There are currently over 186 million Snapchat users worldwide. And although most likely you don't even know a small fraction of them, the people you follow are important to you. That's why it's frustrating when you try to see a Snap or History from your friend's Snapchat, but it disappears. Do not worry. We have heard your splicas. Then we will tell you how to see a Snap again or History from Snapchat, so you can take the time to appreciate them.

If you are new to this popular social media application, you can check our guide to learn how to use Snapchat and what its emojis mean, but if you already know it, you probably also want to know how to use filters.

Reproduction of a Snap

How to see a Snap or Snapchat storySee a Snap again or History Snapchat again and again is less complex than it seems, although it has its tricks.

When a friend sends you a message, this is known as a complement. Unfortunately, photo messages can only be seen if you touch them. When you return to the chat, the photo closes and you must open it to see it again. To reopen the photo, you must press your finger on the red square in the chat and then touch the square to replay the photo.

But keep in mind that after playing the Snap photo again, you won't be able to look at it again. And if you leave the screen of friends before looking at her again, you can't play her again.

If you want to keep it long term, you should take a screenshot. But beware! If you take the screenshot, a message will be sent to your friend to inform him what you just did. There is no way to be cunning with Snapchat!

How to repeat a story

The stories are fun. They show you the lives of your friends. But like life, sometimes they go too fast. Fortunately, the stories Snapchatt have a kind of built-in remote control that allows you to go back and play. However, you cannot see the control buttons, so it can be somewhat confusing.

To return and see the last photo he saw in the History, just touch on the left side of the screen and the History Go back to the last photo you saw. If you are at the end of a History and you want to start over, swipe right on the screen. You can also go to the screen of stories again and touch the History from your friend to see her from the beginning.

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