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How to open the SIM tray on Android without the official tool

Open SIM tray

On the vast majority of current Android phones, SIM tray has reduced its size. Therefore, when opening it we have to use a small tool, which the manufacturer usually includes in the phone case. So we access the SIM card and also the slot to put an additional microSD memory for the phone. Although there are times when we do not have this tool.

In these cases, we can resort to other situations, which will be of great help. Since there are many everyday objects that allow us to open the SIM tray of an Android phone without the need of the official tool. We can open it in all kinds of places this way.

The tool that phone brands provide is a good and very useful help, as we know. Although in the day to day we find many other objects that we can use without any problem to open this SIM tray in the phone. So losing the tool, something that can happen perfectly, It is not a problem in this regard. We can continue to open it whenever we want. You just have to find the object that fits best or the one we have available at that time.

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Clip, pushpin or safety pins

SIM tray clip

A series of objects that we easily find at home or in the office are pushpins, safety pins or clips. Thanks to them we can access the SIM tray of our Android phone at all times. So if necessary, it is presented as a simple option. Although we have to check that they have the right thickness, since there are some that may be too thick.

If we use a clip, we will have to fold it, as seen in the photo. We take one of its ends out, so that we will be able to insert it in the small slot that allows us to open this tray in question. We will only have to do the same thing we do with this tool, press lightly, until the SIM tray can be removed normally. So we can insert a memory, change the SIM or insert a new one.

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If a safety pin is used, we just have to open it and use the sharp part to press in the SIM tray slot. The same will open then, in the same way we have followed now. No problems in this regard.


An object that can be of great help in many cases, if you don't have a clip or pushpin on hand, can be earrings. Especially long earrings or hoop, which usually have a part that hangs slightly over the ear. These types of earrings usually have a thin body, which allows us to use it to open the SIM tray of our Android phone. Any slope that has the necessary length to reach the end of this slot will be useful in our case. So check if the ones you have on hand are useful.

Also some piercings may be helpful in this case.. Many of them have a somewhat elongated part, which resembles that of an earring. It can be used to press on the small slot that will allow you to open the SIM tray on the phone. They are objects that are not always thought of, but they are very useful in this case.

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Pins or needles

Open SIM tray

Another option that can be used in this situation is the use of a pin or a needle. They are fine and pass perfectly in that small slot that we have to use to run the SIM tray of the phone. So we can turn to them at all times. It is usual that at home we have a box with pins and needles that we can use at that time and in this way open the tray in question. Also some person with whom we are can have in their case some that can leave us in this sense.

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