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How to manage your passwords in Linux

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<p>Security, privacy, users are increasingly worried about maintaining their privacy on the network. <strong>One of the most common steps when you want to maintain our privacy is the use of a password.</strong> And the truth is that the use of multiple passwords in multiple services can be a problem and perhaps a considerable waste of time. To try to solve this problem today we present Enpass.</p><div class=

Enpass is a cross-platform password manager that recently received an update and with it support for Linux, only in 64 bits at the moment. Although Enpass is not free software in itself, it uses a SQLite extension called SQLCipher to encrypt passwords.

But The feature that makes Enpass really interesting is its cross-platform support With applications available for ** iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackerry, and desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux. * We also have the ability to backup our passwords in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. Other features of Enpass are:

  • Uses SQLCipher to encrypt with a 256-bit AES system.
  • In addition to passwords, the software can store any kind of sensitive information as information of our credit cards.
  • Integra a password generator Very complete and safe.
  • We can import passwords from other administrators of passwords.

We can download Enpass from its official website for all platforms, but For Linux we must install before executing a necessary package:

sudo apt-get install libxss1

Once we install that package We can already run the installer Enpass:

chmod +x EnpassInstaller

We find in this way a simple and effective solution to have all our passwords under control, We can use our services in a much safer way and forget about having to remember hundreds of different passwords.

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