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How to know the health of your hard drive in Linux

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<p>A short time ago we told you about the SMART technology, which we said, <strong>allow us to anticipate the failures of our hard drives and perform a complete health analysis using the terminal</strong>. Today we are going to show you a new tool, GSmartControl that will allow us to <strong>Check the status of our HDD graphically and independently of the terminal.</strong></p><div class=

We will start by installing GSmartControl from the command window, the software is included in the default repositories of almost all distributions:

sudo apt-get install gsmartcontrol

Analyzing our hard drive with GSmartControl

The first step we must take into account is run GSmartControl being administrator, we do it easily with a terminal:

sudo gsmartcontrol

We will get a window that will show us the different devices of our computer, selecting the desired element we will obtain a first window of information. The value of Overrall Health Self-Assessment Test Inform us of s the health of our HDD is correct:

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<p>In the same way in the sections <strong>Error log</strong> Y <strong>Self-test Logs</strong> we will find <strong>more detailed information about possible errors in the sectors of our hard drive</strong> that the program tests have registered.</p>
<p><strong>If we want to do a test specifically</strong> to our hard drive we must go to the pestaa <strong>Perform Test</strong>, in this window we can choose between:</p>
<li>Short Self-Test: Fast test, with an estimate of about two minutes.</li>
<li>Extended Self-test: Complete test for our hard drive with a duration of more than 1 hour.</li>
<li>Conveyance Test: Test to detect physical failures in our HDD.</li>
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