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How to know if Android applications are safe

Android applications

With the passage of time we install many applications on our Android phone. On some occasions, instead of downloading an app from Google Play we resort to downloading an APK. Although this can be a small risk for our phone, since they are not always safe or real, as we have already shown you.

At the time of detect if we have installed a malicious application On Android, we have Play Protect, which is a tool that is installed as standard on our smartphone. It has been known to crown as a tool of great interest in this field, although it is not the only one we can use.

Although we usually take many precautions when downloading applications to the phone, it is still possible that some are sneaked that is dangerous or that Contains some type of virus or malware. In addition, over time we have seen that there have been some that have been known to skip the controls of Play Protect, so it is not a 100% perfect tool. Some may end up sneaking into the phone. So in these cases, we can use an additional tool.

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Therefore, we can use an additional tool, with which to inspect the phone and avoid scares in this regard. This is Total Virus, which allows us analyze the applications that we install on Android, so that we will look for any malware or virus in them, which is putting our security in check. A kind of additional control, which insurance is of interest to many users. It is an especially useful tool if we plan to install an APK on the phone, so we can analyze them at all times.

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Total Virus is a reliable service, which has also been acquired by Google. So you can use it on Android without any problem at all times, to check if any malware has sneaked in or you suspect Something's happening. In this link you can know more about this service, which is undoubtedly presented as a hugely useful option. In addition, it stands out for being especially easy to use at all times, so you will not have problems when you intend to install it on your phone.

When it is installed on Android, the operation of this tool is really simple. You will only have to click on the scan icon, so that it starts working then. It will be responsible for carrying out an analysis on the phone, of all the applications that are installed in it. Either the new applications that we have downloaded or those that have been in the device for longer.

One of the great advantages of this tool is that it handles contrast the digital signatures of each application with the ones you have in your database. So it will detect at all times if there is an application that is not really what it claims to be or that could pose a danger to our phone. The database they have is huge, so this tool will help us with all kinds of applications on Android. In addition, it is constantly updated, so that we can see how it improves over time.

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So, if at any time you download an APK on your smartphone, do not hesitate to scan it using Total Virus in it. It will be a good way to verify that it does not present problems or pose a risk to your phone. Especially since in many stores where we can download an APK, you don't always have the best security available. So in this way we add an additional control on the phone and avoid problems when installing applications on it. A simple option, but it works very well at all times. It is a good and safe option, which you can use now.

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