How to install Magisk on Android, the alternative to Xposed

How to install Magisk on Android, the alternative to Xposed

Before proceeding to the Magisk installation On your Android device, make sure you meet the requirements. You need a mobile withAndroid 4.2or a later version and you must have a custom recovery installed. If you already comply with this, you can proceed to download Magisk in its latest available version, as a compressed file format. The most practical, to follow this procedure, is to download directly to the mobile or tablet, something that we can also do with the Magisk Manager application.

How to install Magisk, all possible ways according to your mobile

There are different ways to install Magisk on an Android phone, but the most recommended isflash the .zip file through a custom recovery. If you can do it, because you have a custom recovery, then you will have to turn off the phone and start it by pressing the volume and power button –according to models-. It will start in recovery mode, and now we will have to click on Install; then we will look for the folder in which we have saved theMagisk .zip file, we will select it and proceed to carry out the installation of the tool. When the process is finished, we will simply have to restart our device.

But what if we don't have a custom recovery? Then we couldpatch the boot partition, customizing it with Magisk files –complicated-, something that depends on the brand and model of the device. Or we can opt for the installation of Magisk Manager following the previous link, and using the direct installation. To do this, the first thing we will do is install the Manager APK in the usual way.

As soon as you open the Magisk Manager application, tell us if there is an update for this application, or if we have the latest version available. And also, tell us if we have Magisk installed, or not, and give us the possibility to install the utility. Something that, on the other hand, cannot be done on any smart phone. But, if we have problems with custom recovery, we can try to do it this way. You should check before, in the official forum, the availability for our device and the compatibility of the tool with it.