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How to get free gems in Brawl Stars without risk of banning

Even thoughBrawl stars It's a free game, it's actually a‘Free to play’. That means we can play for free, but there aremicropayments which allow us to move faster and get exclusive elements, for example, of personalization of our character. And the currency in the title of the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are the gems. They are used to buy brawl boxes, mega boxes and large boxes; also special characters, skins, tickets and chip multipliers.

How to get free gems in brawl stars, the percentages of each box

The only way to get free gems in Brawl Stars is with theboxes, which can be purchased with the gems themselves and get ahead in our scores. As we mentioned earlier, in Brawl Stars there are three types of boxes: brawl boxes, large boxes and mega boxes. The first one is the easiest to obtain, while large and megacajas will touch us with less regularity. However, the probability of obtaining gems is greater the more complicated it is to obtain them; and above all, the megacajas will give us more gems than the big boxes, and these last ones than the brawl boxes.

In all these boxes there is a10% chanceAbout gems to touch us. The biggest difference is that the brawl boxes will give us, when they appear,up to 5 gems for free while large boxes can give us a maximum of15 gems. In the case of the megabox, which is the most important of the battle royale Brawl Stars, they can give us up to 25 gems in a single opening.

The megabox is the only one we can't get for free, but only by spending gems. Both the normal box or brawl box and the large box s that will be delivered to us for free, as we move forward in the video game. Therefore, the only real one hundred percent real way to get free gems isPlaying, and through the normal boxes and the big boxes that the videogame deliver to us. After we have gems, then we can get free megaboxes, and maybe win even more free gems within the video game.

Brawl stars

Brawl stars

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