How to download videos from YouTube on mobile without apps

How to download videos from YouTube on mobile without apps

Youtube It is the leading streaming video service; Almost any video we want to see, we'll find it there. And there are users who wantto download contents of the platform because, for example, they will want to watch a video laterno connection. This is something that allows you to do YouTube Premium, but that we can also do in other ways. Yes, it is possibledownload videos from YouTube in our Android phones and tablets, and without the need for apps.

In the Google Play Store there are multitu of applications that allow us to download videos from YouTube; However, if we want to do it in a timely manner, it is not necessary to install an app. With this, we will save internal storage space and also avoid the expense of megabytes that this entails, if we are not using a WiFi connection. What we are going to need, of course, is the web browser to download, and it can be Google Chrome or any other that we have installed on our mobile device. We will start, therefore, by opening the web browser andAccessing YouTube

How to download videos from YouTube, step by step, without installing applications

Once you have opened your web browser, andYoutube, browse the website to the video you want to download. You have to open the video on a regular basis, as if you wanted to play it at the same time, so that above, in the barURLs, the one corresponding to the video in question appears. The URL should look like something similar to‘’. And here, the only thing we should do ismodify the URL including ‘ss’.

That is, we have to take this URL and edit it so that it appears as ‘ss’ in front of ‘youtube’, as we discussed earlier. In doing so, a new page will open in which, indeed, we are offered the download of the video and we can select the file format to define its quality, and to choose if we only want the audio in the case of songs.

By clicking on the tab, we can define the format and quality, and once we have chosen it, we can only click on the "download" button. When we press this button, it automatically starts downloading the file. In some cases we will be asked for express confirmation and, in any case, the file will be downloaded in the internal storage memory or in the micro SD card of our smart phone as defined in the settings.