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How to download the latest version of Bodhi Linux

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<p>We have already spoken to you on other occasions about Bodhi Linux, <strong>We tell you that it was a distribution that stood out for its beauty and simplicity</strong>. As light and light as customizable.</p><div class=

Bodhi Linux is a distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and brings with it the latest version of its famous window manager: Enlightenment E19.3, which since it aims to be lighter and lighter only brings a few applications by default: Midori as a web browser, nm-applet for connections, Terminology as a terminal, ePad as a text editor, ePhoto, eepDater and also Enlightement File Manager as a file manager. It is worth mentioning that Bodhi Linux uses by default the well-known and beautiful Numix icon pack.

In the Bodhi guts we find an Xorg 1.15.1 server, Mesa 10.1.3 and the Linux 3.16 kernel. On its website we find ISOs for virtually all operating systems, including Chromebook support.

In addition to its online access software database AppCenter has undergone a great redesign, has improved its search and punctuation system. From the AppCenter you can search, install and manage all the software compatible with Bodhi.

We can download Bodhi Linux from your SourceForge portal, we will find ISOs for 32 bits, 64 bits, SeaBIOS and any other type you need. If you need help you can use the official Bodhi Linux 3 forum, or You can leave a comment and we will try to help you.

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