How to change the appearance of your TV Box

How to change the appearance of your TV Box

Video in which I show you How to change the appearance of your TV Box to give it a more modern, configurable and more in the style of Android TV. A very, very simple way to give a personal and different touch to our, as a general rule, boring home screens or Homes of these devices destined to convert our old televisions into modern Smart TVs or digital home entertainment centers.

We will do all this in a TV Box with a classic Android operating system, so This in principle is not valid for TV Box with Android TV operating system.

How to change the appearance of your TV Box

Usually Home or Home screens of the most affordable TV Boxes and what else they usually sell, they are screens that lack configuration options and that they limit themselves to giving direct access to a few applications, to the drawer of applications and to the settings of the TV Box that the truth to me personally already makes me very bored by the few options and customization that they offer us.

That is why in the video that I left you right at the beginning of this post, I show you the simple way to Change the appearance of your TV Box with the simple download and installation of a Launcher, Launcher specially designed for this type of devices with Android operating system and so you can handle perfectly with the remote control of the device itself.

How to change the appearance of your TV Box

The Launcher in question is an application that responds to the name of ATV Launcher, a Launcher that we have available for free and that is fully functional, although we also have a paid version for barely the 3.19 euros that will allow us to further customize our TV Box.

Then I leave direct links to the Google Play Store, the official Android application store, so you can download and install the version of the application that best suits your specific needs.

It is advisable to select it as Launcher by default or even opt for the option of Launcher PRO, which you try a few days to verify that it is fully compatible with your TV Box and does not give you any problem.

Download ATv Launcher for free from the Google Play Store

Download ATV Launcher PRO from the Google Play Store for only € 3.19

In the video that I left just at the beginning of this article I show you everything this sensational Launcher for TV Box’s offers us, a video in which I use the free version of the application and that is still fully functional and at least for me it is enough for my basic needs that are none other than changing the appearance of my TV Box and taking away that boring and bland starting screen.

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