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How to ask FaceApp to erase your data from its servers

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<p><strong>FaceApp is the most popular application of these past weeks</strong>. Thanks to its filter that makes you older, as we have seen in the case of thousands of celebrities. Although the application has also generated quite controversial, since it belongs to a Russian company, which is accused of having links with the government of Putin. So privacy would be in doubt.</p><div class=

This is something that continues to generate controversy, since if the app is used, the photos of the users would be saved on their servers. Therefore, if you have used FaceApp, you have the possibility to contact the firm to ask to erase your data. This is something very simple to do.

We can do it directly within the application. If we enter the FaceApp configuration, We find the section called support, where we can contact the firm about possible problems or failures that we have encountered in it when we use it. Also in this specific case.

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<p>Within this section we enter into an error,<strong> where are we going to select privacy</strong> as the issue or problem we have encountered in this case. Then you can ask the company to delete our data that is stored on your server.</p>
<p><strong>In this way we have sent the request to FaceApp</strong>. It may take a few weeks until we get an answer from the application in this regard. It is an issue in which there are never guarantees about how much we will have to wait to know something. But given the current popularity, we may have to wait a long time.</p>
<p>With these steps, we will just have to wait for <strong>confirm that the data has been deleted</strong>. So FaceApp should not have any photo or information of ours more stored on its servers. These are simple steps, but they can help users who want to follow these steps.</p>
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