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How to activate Developer Options on Android

The Mountain View company offers this section on all devices withspecial settings. Although it is aimed at Android software developers, both games and applications, the truth is that there are times when they are useful for all users. There are functions and features that can only be activated from here, then we are interested in these cases that our device has enabled and visible Developer options.

Activate Android Developer Options to make them visible

The only thing you have to do is access the application ofSettings of your mobile device and, here, locate at the bottom the section of‘About the phone’.We must enter it so that the detailed information of the mobile device that we are using appears. But this is not what interests us, but we will have to move to the point ofSoftware information to access inside.

Within Software Information we will see the version of Android that we have installed, the version of the customization layer, the baseband, the kernel and other important details at the technical level. The section that matters to us is theBuild Number. But not its information, but simplypress repeatedlyseven times- until, automatically, the device itself informs us that Android Developer Options have been activated.

When we have activated the Developer Options by following these steps, and the terminal itself has confirmed to us that it has been, we will be able to access them from the application ofSettings. Typically, they appear on the main Settings screen, at the bottom, just below the About phone section, which we previously used to activate and make the Developer Options visible.

The settings that appear in this section may vary depending on the brand and model of the smart phone or tablet. In addition, they can also change depending on the version of Android that the device has installed, or the personalization layer, among other factors.

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