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How and at what time to see the Apple event (world hours)

Maana celebrates one of the most important annual events in the technological world. Apple present the new version of iPhone 11 with THREE new lenses, improvement in all its chips (including the new A13), bilateral wireless charging and new Face ID sensors among other novelties that we will discover). A new model of Apple Watch 5 With greater autonomy, sensors to measure the quality of sleep, a new S5 chip that will improve the performance and life of the battery. In addition to new Apple TV 5 with greater graphic power to adapt to the needs of Apple Arcade (LINK) and its new Apple TV + video on demand service.

How to follow the Apple event live

One more year from Howpple, we will give one full coverage through our channel Twitter with images and live comments. You can also follow through the official channels going web, from your Mac or Apple TV equipment as we will explain below. And, for the first time, live from some of its Apple Store in the world (you can see the list in the following link).

How to watch the event from an iPhone or an iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad have become tools for content consumption, and also the best system to follow the Apple keynote regardless of whether we are in the office, on the bus or even from the gym while we run. Simply access from Safari (it does not work in Chrome or Firefox), to the Apple events page and click on play at the exact time.

How to watch the Apple event from a Mac

If you are going to see the Apple keynote From your Mac device (MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro or even your indestructible Mac Mini), you can do it through the events page that Apple always has available for all Apple Events. It is enough that at the scheduled time of the pulsis event play in the embedded video, to follow Apple's keynote live.

How to follow it from an Apple TV

Much easier and more comfortable is to see the Apple keynote from our Apple TV. Simply turn on the Apple TV and look for the Apple events application that will appear on the screen of our computer as one more application. So it is a matter of 5 minutes before the time of the Keynote, prepare some popcorn and something to drink to fully enjoy EVERYTHING that Apple has to offer.

World Hours of the Apple Event

As usual, ALL Apple events are at 10:00 AM West Coast time in the US or 7:00 PM Spanish time. but if you are followers of other parts of the world we leave you a table with the corresponding hours for you to enjoy this moment.

  • Spain: 19:00
  • Canary Islands: 18:00
  • Mexico: 12:00
  • Argentina / Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo: 2pm
  • Chile and Venezuela: 13:00
  • Colombia / Ecuador / Per: 12:00
  • USA (West Coast): 10:00
  • USA (East Coast): 13:00

Whatever the way you are going to follow the Apple event, we are sure to be full of news, surprises and especially a great One More Thing reserved for the end of the event. We wait for you!!

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