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Hidden trick that you probably don't know about WhatsApp to listen to your audios before you send it

In Tecnocat we want you to take the 100% of benefit toApplications which is used to use the newspaper, that is why we began to make you small tutorials that you understand quickly.

This time it's the turn of Whatsapp, specifically we will show you how to listen to your Audio Before you send it, this trick will undoubtedly be of great help to all those vain people who need the beautiful ringing of their voice before another person hears it.


Step 1

Open the chat to which you go to send the audio

Step 2

Press the microphone and start recording your audio as you normally will, eye once you finish expressing yourself slide the microphone up where the padlock is the recent function that leaves recording without clicking.

Step 3

Without fear and without hesitation, leave the chat, do not worry about losing your audio since it is saved automatically.

Step 4

Return to the conversation, and surprising because your audio is available for you to listen to before you send it.

Step 5

Once you hear your audio, send it as you normally will.

No doubt there are five very easy steps to perform.

We hope you like this simple tutorial.

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