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Google wants to leave consoles behind with its streaming project, Stadia.

The Google project dedicated to the
The video game industry has already begun to lay its foundations a while ago. Tea
We even talked about the patent of your video game control and the
called Project Streaming. Today the presentation of
Google in the Game Developers Conference Y
what they have shown will greatly change the way they are played, transmitted and
They create video games.

Stadia, the future of gaming?

Under the slogan The future of gaming is not a box, it is a place Google ad
finally its streaming platform with which it intends to compete in a fairly
peculiar and revolutionary in the world of video games. What it does extremely
interesting to this system is that basically we can play the game we choose while we have a device
running Google Chrome on your system.
All information and ability to
Processing will be in charge of the Google Data Center.

Imagine you play games on YouTube and suddenly you see the new trailer Assassin's Creed and you see that there is a button that says Play now. Just press it and you will have access to the game in five seconds. No downloads, no patches, no updates, no installations. Instant access

Phil Harrison, Google Vice President

In power inclusive they compared their teraflops capacity with 10.7 against 4.2 and 6.0 of the Play Station 4 Pro and the Xbox One X respectively. As for graphic quality, users can manage 4K resolution at 60 FPS at the moment, but in the future it will increase to 8K with 120 FPS.

Along with all this they also announced the Stadia Controller wow they were faithful to the patent a few days ago what Allow capture, share content on YouTube and access the Google Assistant. However, the platform will also be compatible with other controls.

At the moment we do not know data
related to titles, price per game or subscription or departure date in
concrete. They have only mentioned that would be
this year when I get to places like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and
some countries in Europe
. It will be in summer that we have more news at
Regarding this platform.

Without a doubt, this revolutionizes everything not only by
being able to play whenever you want, whatever you want, on the device that
you want but no longer be necessary
have the processing power physically.
Simply open the
door for more people to experiment with other games than their
Computers or consoles do not allow them.

Very good success from Google do not you think? Hopefully in the prices of this service also have a good success. We are reading in the comment box.

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