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Google Play already tests simultaneous app downloads

During the day gives everyone
Those of us who have a smartphone are of any range and brand
that we like more we live with an extremely important amount of
applications and if you don't change applications like socks you can
Witness the updates that developers constantly bring.

One of the
applications with which we live together without a doubt and many times without realizing It's the Google store. As well as
our games or other apps, this one also constantly receives some
Changes and improvements directly from Google.

One of the last
things that have been changed is the appearance of some icons, the way to see the
punctuation of each app and a change of colors that point more to the tones
clear. Recently an update has been released gradually this time dedicated to
App download management. Now be
It is possible to download our applications or updates simultaneously.

Image via Android Police

More than anything this functionality
It has the purpose of optimizing the device's network connection in a better way,
as well as avoiding long waiting times for the user. Remember that in
this section also directly influences
how good your internet connection is.
As we mentioned, this function has
reached a counted number of people are you one of them?

Surely in a few weeks this is fully active for all Android on the planet. While that happens, tell me what you think about this new way to download very much from the Apple App Store, I read you in the comments.

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