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Google Maps give better navigation instructions

Google Maps

Google Maps has become an essential Android application. In addition, it is updated frequently with all kinds of new features, such as being able to see the rental bikes in the city. The application now introduces new improvements in its navigation, which have already been officially launched in its English version.

In this case, these are better instructions when we are using navigation on Google Maps. The instructions when navigating is something that many saw as problematic, since clear instructions were not always given. Luckily, there will be changes soon in this regard for users in the app.

Google Maps will now give us the instructions in advance, which will allow for better driving. In many cases, the time that passed from the instruction to the action was minimal, which did not allow to react. They will be given with more time and will be clearer from now on. So it will improve its operation.

Google Maps

Also, these instructions they will be displayed through a floating window, which will allow reading them in a clearer way at all times. It is another aspect that will undoubtedly be appreciated, to avoid confusion when these instructions are received in the navigation application.

These news will be official in version 10.22.1 of Google Maps. You have already had access to the photos that show these new indications in the application. Therefore, it is something that should not take long to officially launch for all users. Without a doubt, it is something that will improve the user experience.

It can have access to these news in the app APK. If you use the official version of Google Maps, surely in a couple of weeks we will have the update officially, where we will enjoy these new improved indications. We expect news from you very soon.

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