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Google improves data encryption for the low range

Data encryption is a functionality that is already integrated in most mobile devices and allows us to protect our personal information through a password in case we lose the device or in the worst case, we are victims of theft .

In the case of Android devices this functionality has a performance cost that not all devices have. Specifically, the low range does not have ARMv8 hardware support for the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) but with ARMv7. This causes a large majority of users because there must be too many who use a low range They run out of the possibility of protecting your information.

Google’s solution has been the creation of Adiantum, an encryption method in which you can use the capabilities that ARMv7 has even surpassing the AES without hardware support.

For now, manufacturers may activate this feature for devices that exceed an AES encryption rate of 50MB / s and have the latest version of Android Pie 9.0. The feature will default to Android Q.

It seems that Google begins to focus on the needs of all its users since having 80% of them on Android is something they cannot let go. We will see it also with the inclusion of more Accessibility applications.

Have you encrypted your data? Tell us in the comments box your experience.

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