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Google Fit already has sleep monitoring officially

Google Fit

Google Fit has been updating these weeks with new features. Recently, the dark mode was officially introduced in the firm's sports app. The first major update in months, after doubts about the future of it. It seems that the company is committed to the application, since we have another update with a new function.

In this case it is a function that many users were waiting for. Google Fit finally introduces in-app sleep monitoring officially. The graphics of sleep are presented in the application, with which to have control over the user's sleep rhythm.

Although this is not something that the application will do natively, but we need third-party applications for it. Therefore, if we use applications to measure sleep, such as Sleep As Android, it will be possible to export that data to Google Fit and in this way have a control of the user's sleep at all times.

Google Fit logo

In addition, the users of the application will have the possibility to enter data manually also if they want. So it does not present any complications in this regard. It is a function that many considered the app was missing, and finally it becomes official.

In case you use third-party applications to measure sleep, you only have to have them synchronized with Google Fit to be able to export this data at all times. Nothing else will be needed in this regard. This is possible thanks to the latest version of the Google application.

If you want to have this feature already available, you just have to access the Play Store and update Google Fit. The new version of the application has already been made available to all users on Android, so you will not have problems in this regard to be able to use it on your phone or watch.

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