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Google dedicates the tastiest Doodle to the creator of the popular nachos

Melted Wisconsin cheese on some slices of jalapeo and tortilla chips. Does it sound deliciously familiar? If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, know that we are talking about the popular nachos, that tasty dish that this Thursday is the protagonist of Google Doodle.

The animation is a tribute to the 124th anniversary of the birth of Ignacio Anaya Garca, who 76 years ago almost created this dish by accident, but today is famous throughout the world and has become an identity seal of Mexican cuisine.

google doodle nachos nacho

How a dish, apparently simple, became so popular? According to history, in 1943, Anaya worked as matre at Club Victoria, a well-known restaurant in the city of Piedras Negras, located on the border that separates Mexico from the United States. Up to that place came a group of women from American soldiers to eat something. Unable to find the chef, he was forced to improvise a dish with the ingredients he had available at that time. He never imagined that he was preparing a tasty delicacy that would delight not only his clients, but also the entire world.

When the waiter was asked for the name of the dish, he simply called them "Nachos," Ignacio's nickname. The word of this delicious preparation spread quickly, so it was soon part of the Victoria Club menu. But not only that: in 1949 he integrated an American cookbook. By 1960, Garca opened his own restaurant, El Nacho.

However, it was not until 1976 that a massive version arrived at Arlington Stadium in Texas, when they added liquefied cheese sauce, which was pumped from large cans. The stadiums sell more nachos than popcorn.

Garca never wanted to patent his creation. "It's just a snack to keep my customers happy and well fed," he said. However, his dish is already part of the story. Every October, Piedras Negras hosts the Nacho International Festival and the city erected a plaque in honor of its creator.

It is not the first time that Google presents a food-based Doodle. At the beginning of the year, honor the falafel as "the best thing that has happened to the chickpeas, after the hummus", and to the nasi lemak, considered the national dish of Malaysia. In 2017, I had already paid tribute to the pad thai, the delicious Thai rice noodles.

Instant craving

Sketches of Anaya's design.

The Doodle was designed by artist Alfonso de Anda, who resides in New York. Beyond the figure of Ignacio, I decided to focus exclusively on the popular dish to carry out his work. “There is not much information about the creator of the recipe, so I changed my attention to the dish. My approach was very direct: imagining Ignacio making his first plate of nachos while implicitly communicating a sense of fun, ”he commented.

“I hope people have an instant craving for a snack after seeing the Doodle. I also hope that they will instantly abandon whatever they are doing and satisfy that desire, ”jokes the artist, adding that“ this theme was significant for me at the intestinal level, literally ”. We cannot deny that we agree 100 percent in the last.

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