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Google Assistant can now read WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack messages

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Google Assistant is an assistant that has managed to improve by great steps in these years. Therefore, we can see how it is gaining presence in the strategy of the American firm. It will even replace voice search on Android. The company is looking for new features for it and we already have a new one available that many users like today.

The assistant is already able to read your WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger messages. A new feature that undoubtedly gives it more importance for Android users. In addition to being a function that many expected to see in Google Assistant with interest in this case.

For the moment It is a function available in its English version. Although we do not doubt that in a few months it will launch in more languages, but in this case we will have to wait. In the same way that we can ask Google Assistant to send messages, even with the phone locked in the future, you may be asked to read them.

Google Assistant

This is a function that we can use in all types of messaging applications on Android. So, can be used with WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Discord or Facebook Messenger without any problem. It will be compatible with all of them as we have already known.

When we use this feature in Google Assistant, we will be told who sent the message and then proceed to read the content of it. It will also indicate the application from which said message has been sent, so that we know it. Especially if we are going to respond using a voice command in this case.

At the moment we cannot use this function in Google Assistant in Spain. Although it sure takes little to be official, so that we can use this interesting feature, which reads us the messages that have been sent to us in some application. We will be attentive to news from the company.

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